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ill show you the whole duck. Then, he will slice it into about one hundred an▓d twenty pieces with both skin and meat for each. ▓Usually the duck is served together with ▓special pancakes, hollowed sesame bun, green onions an

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d sweet sauce. Dinners can wrap duck slices, onion, and sauce in a pancake or a sesame bun with the▓ir bare hands. Sometimes people would li▓ke to put in mashed garlic

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and cucumber or ca▓rrot strips as well. Some young women like ▓to dip slices into white sugar directly. Other parts of the duck will be served as either cold dishes wit▓

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h its livers, wings, stomach, webs and eggs, or hot dishes with its heart, tongue and kidneys. The bones can even be decocted together with Chinese watermelon and cabba

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ge.From August 8 onwards, Quanj▓ude will place a traceable barcode on every duck sold in its Beijing outlets. Consumers can get information about the cultivation and coo

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    king of their duck. If▓ problems occur, the person in charge can be traced.Ac▓cording to sources, this traceable barcode dates ▓back to last year鈥檚 Olympic Gam

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    es. The Yayuncun outlet has been a test center for the ba▓rcode. The traceable barcode will be a permanent fixture for food safety in Quanjude, but it will not

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    affect prices. Meanwhile, all the data will be input into a unified database, which can be publicly accessed by consumer▓s.Reporters learned tha

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